Stay away from carbonated drinks: CAP

Posted on 8 September 2010

Georgetown – Consumers Association of Penang (CAP) urged the public away from carbonated soft drinks for the festive season proved to be a threat to public health.

Its president, SM Mohamed Idris said, most soft drinks have no nutritional unless carbonate, dyes, acids, flavors and sweet water health hazard.

According to him, drink cans containing about three to 20 teaspoons of sugar into the main source of calories in the human body to invite to diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, tooth decay and other chronic diseases.

“Although the health hazards but soft drinks will be the choice of millions of people. It is expected to be one of the main menu in the event an open house at all times during festive seasons.

“As the weather is warm, soft drinks will be a favorite of many, especially among children,” he told media here on Wednesday.

Mohamed Idris said, the number of drinks taken by the people of Malaysia showed that each day about 1,000 cans of drinks consumed per minute.

“Some scientists find sugar fructose is contained in some soft drinks will act as fat and not as regular sugar can be broken down by organ in the body.

“Fructose move directly to the liver and accumulate in fat. High levels of fructose in soft drinks will prevent the growth of bone, “he said.

He said the study shows how children who regularly drink cans easier to fracture problems, obesity as children and diabetes.

“The question may arise in the minds of the Malaysian society, the appropriate drink is served to family members and guests in attendance if there are no soft drinks or canned,” he said.

Consequently, the CAP recommended on festive drink menu is converted to water fruit juice or soy milk as a nutrient iron ore, calcium, magnesium, vitamin A and C are needed by the body.

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