What is the OIC Fear In Israel

Posted on 2 Julai 2010

Muslim countries can not expect even  Obama grew up in families totally dependent  Islamic state to Obama in the settlement negotiations between Israel Plasten and where it tiakan up for a pro-Israel Obama.
All Muslim countries in the world should unite against Israel either in any way to Israel to bow kneeling Usha then be resolved peacefully.
Now Israel is not afraid to anyone in terms of economic or even weapons, because they think they take refuge behind the superpowers of the world.
Islamic countries should seek the help of God rather than expect the American president being two-faced plate.
They promise to resolve the conflict Israel Plasten but otherwise they do not make any negotiations Islamic state still hopes Obama Plestin more and more people killed by Israel.
What is the OIC should look only? Or afraid to OIC   this time to act to approve the motion and Israel fear  their position.

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