If you do not challenge Islam

Posted on 2 Julai 2010

Tuan Guru Menteri Besar Kelantan Kelantan remained to pray in Islam

take this opportunity to congratulate the Honourable Tok Guru Nik Aziz who challenged the establishment of Karpal Singh on the basis of Islamic countries.

Karpal Singh, who celebrate their 70th birthday two days ago to the fact that secular government is the best way, and reject PAS ambition to establish an Islamic state. We must not forget Karpal Singh had made a statement if you want an Islamic country, “over my dead body” (“I used to move the body”).

Karpal Singh’s statement that in fact is the establishment of DAP. DAP has not been agreed and will never agree to the idea of setting up an Islamic state. While the issue has arisen in Islamic countries election Sibu recently, DAP answer by stating that the issue has not arisen because “PAS is not likely to win and govern in unity.”

In addition to congratulate the specificity of Tok Guru, I also want to call a friend and companion of Islamic fighters, let us admit the truth ordering God, that was totally reject-reject will not be with us until redho any, until we are in the way they (Al-Baqarah: 120).

Look at any place in Singapore. In fact, if Pakatan Rakyat rule, that the Federal Government looks to be over. Do not close your wine factory, we can stop selling alcohol 7-11 we can not afford it.

Therefore, let us kemblai to fight true Islam, based on the Quran and Sunnah. Even though we had to fight alone, but the promise of God will be fulfilled. Sirah Nabawi the reality of Islamic struggle, without associating with unbelievers, idolaters nor hypocrisy. Islam is noble, let us honor him.

In my opinion, is best left out of Pakatan Rakyat PAS, and we fought in the name of God to empower the government to implement the tenets of Islam Islam fully. And rest assured God will be with the struggle ..

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