If the unbelievers do not challenge Islamic leaders

Posted on 2 Julai 2010

Kota Bharu – Mursyidul Am Pas, Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat Karpal Singh’s challenge to prove the concept of an Islamic country that has implemented mold Pas in Kelantan for 20 years is wrong. He is also Chief Minister of Kelantan, consider the fact the Chairman of the DAP, Kar pal Singh who rejected the idea of the formation of the concept of an Islamic country where the opposition party to pass the administrative control of the country as a personal statement. Nik Aziz said Pas would continue to Islam as advocated over the years despite opposition from some party leaders in the opposition party partners, including the DAP. He said that if there are voices contribute the birth of the party leaders who distrust the opposition party Pas intention, it is a personal opinion. “As long as they (who does not agree with the policy of the Pass) can not prove the Islamic policy that we do this one, we will continue to battle the formation of policy toward Islamic countries,” he told reporters after chairing the weekly Exco meeting here today. Nik Aziz said this when asked to comment on Karpal Singh’s statement in an interview with a news portal that repeated shocks are refusing to compromise on the concept of Islamic state as advocated Pass if the opposition took over the country. It is the personal opinion of himself instead of DAP Karpal and so far there is no party that can prove the concept of the struggle of Islam brought by the pass is wrong, says Nik Aziz. However, Nik Aziz said so far, he does not see a straightforward DAP rejects Islamic policies pursued by the Pass, only available voices contribute some of their leaders cut.

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