Israel is wanted to kill LIST

Posted on 9 Jun 2010

“Israeli forces have a list of names they want to kill before the board the ship.”
That disclosure of the Chief Mission Life Line For Gaza (LL4G), Noorazman Mohd Samsudin following the discovery of some evidence from three members of the Israeli commandos were arrested on the incidence of successful attacks on the Jewish regime Mavi Marmara Monday.
He said the use of rubber bullets that are the reason just because there is evidence of the regime was intending to kill commandos certain parties that are on the Mavi Marmara.
“I have evidence that they have the intention to kill. Using rubber bullets as the only reason.
“They have a list of names they want to kill before the board the ship. We have arrested three members of the military and when we do the inspection, we find a list with pictures of those who want to kill them.
“Some of them are Turkish and international leaders … important world figures. We were not included in the list so we were not fired.
“We are just ordinary people. One of the Turkish media that were shot there in the list,” he told reporters in order to share experiences when the Israeli army arrested at Bunga Raya Complex, Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) here upon arrival at home early this morning.
All 12 volunteers was thankful and grateful to the Government of Malaysia and Jordan are trying to bring them out of Israel as soon as possible.
In the meantime Noorazman told, the three partners of activist Abdul Halim Mohd Redzuan, Hasanuddin Jamuliddin Mohd Yunus and his band, was shot with rubber bullets in his head, back and thighs.
In addition, during the attack at the Dawn of time, the media has shown the courage to continue to record the event without regard to their safety although ammunition was caught in the rain.
“When we were attacked after morning prayers, our media have shown their courage and strength regardless of the harm their ammunition was like rain.
“They try to record as much as possible for the purpose of providing awareness and information to the entire world.”
In fact, said an Indonesian journalist who is known as the Solar was shot live bullets in his right chest.
However, in critical condition, he is still trying to obtain information that is even after the information has been hijacked.
Noorazaman look forward to help the media to press Israel to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza through the United Nations (UN).
“We hope that our media is able to continue our efforts to liberate the Palestinian people suffering as this,” she said

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