Posted on 8 Mac 2010

PENGKALAN CHEPA-A man down from the mosque after Friday prayers in to say have not beaten lifeless by four men who are waiting near Taman Uda mosque last Friday was acting grab tail feather chickens belonging to one of four men alleged escape from the hands of one of four men was then randomly destined melibas infected neck of one of the four men.
Men are said to be infected libasan tail feather chickens died immediately place the incident.
Man who is working down from the mosque to save themselves so beliu from bertubi-tubi beaten by four men who said that not perpadanan the offenses committed.
Writers understood the man down from the mosque is a REAL angota has sued the family of one of four men while on duty with the police in one angota road blocks in Pengkalan Chepa.
Perhaps because dedam with tindakkan men down from the mosque are the four men then act as such until they terkoban a friend.
Dahl ah four men did not worship death Friday was the result of abetting the beat down from the mosque for worship only God who taketh Allah.

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